NW Challenge Volunteer

Event Type
Hat Tournament
Event Start
Event End
Seattle, WA & Burlington, WA

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Volunteer Duties

Volunteers at NW Challenge perform many essential functions for the tournament, including but not limited to the following:

  • Setting up tournament central and fields: unloading the tournament truck, setting up cones and garbage cans, setting up water stations, etc. (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday mornings)

  • Collecting and keeping scores and delivering them to the main scorekeepers (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday).

  • Emptying and sorting recycling, trash, and compost: help us be green! (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday)

  • Maintaining restrooms and portable toilets: cleaning, replenishing TP and soap, etc. - help us be clean! (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday)

  • Cleaning up after the tournament: washing dishes, loading the tournament truck, collecting lost and found, picking up and sorting garbage, etc. (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday)

Volunteer Benefits

  • Lunch on DiscNW (if you work two shifts)

  • Fun! A chance to see some amazing college Ultimate and hang out with people from the community

  • Special consideration for bids to Sunbreak and other DiscNW events

Who Can Volunteer?

Any adult or child age 16 or older

We encourage adult club/league teams and high school teams who are not attending the tournament to sign up as a group. Volunteering at NW Challenge is a fun way to bond with your teammates and give back to the Ultimate community. 


We ask that volunteers commit at least 3 hours, and ideally 6 hours of time on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (or all three!). You may have some opportunities to watch games during your dedicated volunteer period, but we cannot guarantee time off for certain games.

Sites and Shifts

The following shifts are available at each site.

  Friday (3/23) Saturday (3/24) Sunday (3/25)
University of Washington 7am-7pm 7am-7pm 7am-7pm
Skagit River Park N/A 7am-7pm 7am-4pm


Click on "Register Now" below to indicate your interest and availability for volunteering at NW Challenge 2018. Thank you for your consideration!

After you register, a DiscNW staff person will contact you with details.