2017-18 Application for Eligibility Review

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This is the form that should be used to apply for an exception to the DiscNW Youth Eligibility Rules. The Eligibility Rules apply to DiscNW youth school-based team events, unless otherwise stated in the event description.


PLEASE NOTE: Any Mixed Gender team that DOES NOT MAKE CUTS can automatically accept up to 3 free agent players.  These players MUST not have teams that play the same season at their school and the team they join must be the next closest program to their reference school.  We ask that those players be reported here so that we know where they are coming from: https://goo.gl/forms/FIorAWmyEyq2nJ013


Below are the deadlines for applications for Eligibility Review for fall youth events:



Fall HS Boys’ League

Friday, September 8th

Seattle HS Boys’ Invite

Saturday, September 30th

Boys' HS JV Jamboree

Tuesday, October 10th


Players or teams applying for an exception are permitted to participate in DiscNW school-based team events only if the application is approved. Thus, DiscNW league participants are encouraged to apply by the deadline in order to enjoy eligibility for the entire fall  season.  Applications received after the deadline may be considered if committee time allows. However, we cannot guarantee consideration of late applications.


To apply, please click on "Register Now" below.  Questions should be directed to .


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