Potlatch (2017)

Event Type
Team Tournament
Event Start
Event End
Redmond, WA


Camping is allowed at the Potlatch fields the night before the tournament, through the morning after. If you do decide to camp out on Friday night, please be respectful of the Park. We strive to maintain a good relationship with Park Managers, so we ask that your please behave yourselves and follow these simple rules:

  • NO FIREWORKS. Individuals caught with or lighting off fireworks will be asked to leave, along with their entire team.
  • NO DOGS. Find a sitter. Leave Fluffy at home.
  • Keep music and to an appropriate level. All amplified music must be turned down or off by 10pm. There are houses nearby and we have a delicate relationship with their occupants and the Redmond Police Department.
  • Clean up after yourself. Pick up your trash, recycling, and belongings.

We also ask that you please refrain from camping ON the fields and restrict yourselves to the perimeter of the park. Also there is no camping allowed near Frisbee Central, which is located on the south side of Field 10.

Rental Cars

Please try to carpool to the fields! We'll have buses Saturday and Sunday evening to take you to the showers, party, and back.

Potlatch does not arrange special deals for rental cars through any agency. However, SeaTac Airport has rental car agencies on-site in the baggage claim area. A complete list of companies at the airport can be found on the Port of Seattle website at: http://www.portseattle.org/Sea-Tac/Parking-and-Transportation/Ground-Transportation/Pages/default.aspx.