Potlatch (2017)

Event Type
Team Tournament
Event Start
Event End
Redmond, WA

Tourney Events

We have tons of fun events happening throughout the weekend. Check them out! Also, to keep up with the happenings for the tournament, follow us on our Facebook page and on Twitter @PotlatchTourney.


Thursday, June 29th

  • Join RenFitness from 3pm-10pm at their gym in Ballard for some Potlatch prep! This is includes a costume swap, clinics on soft tissue/mobility/self-care, music, dancing and goalty/mini.


Friday, June 30th

  • JoinDangerously Talented Friday (DTF)for their 5th annual Friday night talent show from 9pm-12am and share your or your team's special talents!
  • Join RenFitness from 4-7pm at the field for a KT taping/instruction by Dr. Patrick Silva and Kira Morin’s special stabilize class at 7pm.


Saturday, July 1st

  • Showcase Game & Jersey Swap - We are stoked to have Team USA & Team Canada at Potlatch this year and hosting our showcase game on Saturday night at 5:30pm! During the game, we will be hosting a jersey swap. So bring your trades to potentially score some sweet finds!
  • Pizza – We provide pizza to all teams on Saturday after your games end. Captains will need to return scores and recycling to tourney central before you can pick up pizza. Also, we will have vegan pizza available at tourney central.


Sunday, July 2nd

  • Potlatch Party & Salmon Dinner! As per usual, we will be hosting a salmon dinner and party at Redhook Brewery again. This year the party theme is Aerobics! As in 80s neon spandex, leg warmers, scrunchies and sweatbands aerobics. Everyone will need a potlatch wristband (given to captains when they turn in your scores for that day) and their ID to get into the party! Those under 21 can attend, but will not be served beer. There is no parking at Red Hook but we have hooked you all up with school buses. Buses to the party will pick people up at the entrance to the large parking lot across the street from the fields. The buses will also drive people back to the fields.