Potlatch (2017)

Event Type
Team Tournament
Event Start
Event End
Redmond, WA

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the important dates to remember?
A: Important dates:

  • 3/3: Bid window opens
  • 4/30: Bid window closes, registration essay due
  • 5/15: Bids awarded
  • 5/31: Final payment due, all checks are deposited.

Q: What's the refund policy?
A: We have decided to institute the following refund policy for teams that drop after May 30:

  • 6/1 to 6/16 - Teams that drop during this window forfeit $300 of their registration fee
  • 6/17 to 6/23 - Teams that drop during this window forfeit $600 of their registration fee
  • 6/24 or later - No refund

This policy may be adjusted (at the TDs' discretion) for teams who are let into the tournament after the normal dates due to being originally waitlisted (and other extenuating circumstances).

Q: Where is the party going to be? What's it like?
A: The party is at Redhook Brewery in Woodinville, WA (5 short minutes from the fields). There is no parking at the party venue so plan on taking our free shuttles. The party is going to be awesome. As usual, we're running buses to and from the party. As in the past few years, the party will take place in the front bowl area. The bowl is a nice, grassy area that makes a good atmosphere. We will still have the usual supply of food and beverages.

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Q: Can we light our own fireworks off at the field?
A: NO. Do not light any off an fireworks.  It's illegal and prohibited by the park managers.  There are supposedly fireworks that are visible from the fields and if that isn't enough for you there are a number of great firework shows in the greater Seattle metro area.

Q: Is there gear for sale at the fields?
A: Of course. We definitely want you to be able to take home a memento or two. We'll have all of our unique Potlatch gear from Five Ultimate.

Q: Will there be a Photographer at the tournament??
A: Yes!  Tino Tran will be at Potlatch with a photo booth.  We hope to get pictures of all the teams at the tournament.  More information will be posted prior to the tournament.

Q: Will there be any food at the fields? 
A: We'll provide the standard fare for free bagels, pb&j, fruit, and water during the day.  There will also be food for sale from several food trucks during the weekend.  We serve pizza dinner on one evening.  Salmon, burgers (veggie & meat), salad, and more will be served on another evening.

Q: Will there be any sort of medical personnel at the fields? 
A: Yes. We staff the event with EMTs and trainers.  In years past, we've offered massage and will be doing so again this year.

Q: What time will games start/end? 
A: The first round will start around 9am and the last round will end around 7pm on Saturday & Sunday. Most games end around 530pm on Monday, except for finals which end closer to 7pm.

Q: Will there be showers available? 
A: Yes, showers will be offered on Saturday and Sunday evening.  PLEASE NOTE: the shower venue will not provide towels to players this year.  Please bring your own towel to Potlatch 2017!!

Q: Is camping allowed at the fields? 
A: Yes, camping is permitted. Camping on the flat field surface will be assigned on a lottery draw, more info will come later. Camping is allowed around the perimeter of the fields with a few exceptions.  All tents must be placed within 15 feet of the fence line that surrounds the park.  Along the south side, camping is only allowed in the west corner near Field 8.  On the north side, camping is not allowed in the east corner near Fields 29 & 30. Any grassy area on the slope is open as first come first served for camping.  Please avoid the woody areas.  Please do not set up your tents on any area inside of a field line. That includes any painted soccer lines as well as any port-a-field ultimate lines or other barriers.  Please do not set up your tents in any area labeled as off limits on the camping map.  Camping is permitted starting at 5pm on Friday evening.  All campers must leave the park by 8am Tuesday morning.  All campsites must be completely clean upon departure.

Q: Are dogs allowed at Potlatch? 
A: NO. Not at the fields and not in the camping areas. No exceptions.

Q: Are open flames allowed on the Potlatch fields? 
A: NO. Please leave the backpack stoves, grills, tiki torches, etc at home.

Q: Should we carpool to the fields? 
A: Yes, please. We've filled up the parking lots to overflowing in years past. This has resulted in unwanted tickets and towings. Please carpool if you can.

Q: Do players at Potlatch have to be USA Ultimate members? 
A: No.

Q: How do I find a team to pick-up with? 
A: Try the DiscNW Potlatch Bulletin Board if you don't already have a team. Players looking to pickup should wait until the end of the spring to start posting.

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Q: Will there be a showcase game this year? 
A: Probably.  Maybe.  There will be something.  More details will be posted here when available.

Q: Can we build a structure as part of our team theme. 
A: Props and small structures help make the tournament fun. However, it is important to avoid damaging the fields or other property at the park. The Tournament Directors may evaluate your props and ask you to make changes for safety as needed. You must also haul away all of your props at the end of the weekend.

Also, wheels are not permitted on the fields.  Participants are not allowed to use carts or dollies to transport equipment on the fields.

Pools and slip-and-slides are not permitted.