Potlatch (2017)

Event Type
Team Tournament
Event Start
Event End
Redmond, WA

Tournament Directors

Kong Cheung

This is Kong's eleventh year as Tournament Director of Potlatch. Kong started playing Ultimate about twelve years ago, loving every minute of it! He currently plays with Boom. You'll also see Kong running other DiscNW tournaments throughout the year!


Kat Overton

As the Party TD, Kat will be your go-to person while volunteering at the official tournament party. Kat started playing Ultimate because of Potlatch 2009 and has since worn a multitude of tutus and onesies, gained experience organizing Ultimate events and smaller tournaments, won tournament parties, and organized or played on spirit award winning teams. She captains Twincest (a bi-coastal Potlatch team involving both WA state and DC), is the 2016 Spirit Award recipient in Seattle's "Elite Ultimate" community, and an aspiring Ultimate photographer!


Ted Werbel

What exactly is a Spirit TD? Ted "Ted Werbel" Werbel is entering his 4th year as a Potlatch TD. He offered his services after noticing the need for more of an emphasis on SOTG after the US Open came to be. As Spirit TD, Ted is always looking for ways to innovate and improve the Potlatch experience. If anything, a Spirit TD is a constant reminder to not take yourself so seriously, and think more about supporting the Ultimate Community rather than making it uber competitive. Nibb High Football Rules!


Rusty Brown

Rusty is the Director of Operations for DiscNW (I know, sounds impressive right?). He is responsible for running/staffing most of DiscNW adult tournaments and is one of the TDs with Potlatch. He has been in charge of competition and will continue to do so, so if you want a certain bye schedule, he's the one to chat with. Rusty comes with 18 years playing experience, and 12 years coaching and running events around the NW Area.


William Bartram

William, or "Bunny", is the Executive Director for DiscNW, and he is responsible for managing the day-to-day business of DiscNW.  At Potlatch he manages team payments, assists Kong & Rusty, and eats bagels with peanut butter.  William currently plays in the grand masters division.


Kate Speck

Kate is the Accounts Manager for DiscNW, that means she will bug and pester you about signing your waiver (woo hoo!). She is in charge of communication with teams, paperwork, check-in and loose-end type stuff. Kate is a born and raised Seattlelite and has been playing Ultimate for 13 years. She likes to handle and catch it deep occasionally. 


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About DiscNW

DiscNW is an educational, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization established in 1995 to promote and support the sport of Ultimate. DiscNW was incorporated with a mission to "serve as a regional resource, promoting growth in the sport of Ultimate and instilling the spirit of sportsmanship at all levels of play." Unlike with other sports organizations, it is intrinsic to DiscNW's mission to promote and teach mutual respect and fair play, demonstrate the value of team sports for health and social benefits, encourage women in co-ed recreation and perform outreach in the community. The notion of sportsmanship or the "Spirit of the Game" has guided the agency and defines the organizational culture.

The first unofficial Seattle Ultimate "league" started in 1984 at Magnuson Park with an estimated five teams and fifty people. The demand for Ultimate grew and DiscNW now has year-round leagues that serve over 6000 people. The association carries out its mission under the leadership of an Executive Director, 10 Board members, and the dedication of countless volunteers. For more information about DiscNW, its events, leagues, and outreach, visit the web-page at www.discnw.org or e-mail the Executive Director, William Bartram, at .