Website Registration Changes Coming

Exciting changes are coming to the DiscNW online registration systems, in partnership with Ultimate Central!

We’ve all benefited from Jeff Dairiki and the DiscNW web team’s amazing work for 13+ years: their countless hours made sure each of us could seamlessly sign up for events, manage electronic waivers, organize teams, RSVP for games, and so much more. As a community, we thank them for their hard work and many, many contributions.

This is the tech industry – the pace of keeping up only speeds up. The systems needed to support smooth mobile integration and custom registration options are beyond what a part-time, volunteer staff can accomplish quickly--no matter how amazing they are. The decision to outsource our registration was not an easy one, but we did it to offer each of you, the players, the most modern interface possible with the best use of resources.

Ultimate Central’s (UC) feature-rich platform may look and feel different, but you’ll be able to do everything you can do now and more. Sunbreak players are already testing the UC new registration system and helping work out some kinks.

Summer leagues will continue on our current website, and we anticipate fall programs to transition to the new platform.

We will provide info and resources for captains, coaches, and coordinators before the transition.

Our partnership with UC allows DiscNW to leverage aspects of their platform, such as team communication tools, and work with UC to develop website features together, such as a new Gender Inclusion-friendly registration process.

If you have questions about these changes, or are familiar with UC’s platform and have suggestions, please reach out to our E.D. DiscNW will send a survey to inform our design decisions within a few weeks.

Registration is still open for our youth summer camps

There is still lots of room in all of our summer camps!

Campers develop relationships & communication skills in various games and team challenges, practice implementation of rules knowledge, develop discernment as they consider calls being made, advocate for themselves as they learn to make calls, and grow through self-reflection after activities.

Our camps are a great way for new players to learn the game and an awesome way for experienced players to work toward mastering established skills and develop new ones.

For more information about all your youth camps and available scholarships, please refer to the Youth Camps Page.

Get Involved!

DiscNW Is looking for volunteers to join the team. Current needs include:

Fall Bid Committee 4-5 month commitment, monthly meetings and some time helping each month Help the Fall Bid committee plan the event. You can lead projects such as catering, menus or decorations, assist in organizing the silent auction, or come help day of. Contact for more info!

DiscNW Board Commitment is 5-10 hours per month; 3-year term Our Board of Directors is recruiting new members. Board members provide oversight for DiscNW finances, policies, and program goals. Each year, board members focus on 1-2 personal projects to benefit the organization. Contact us to learn more about joining the board.

League Coordinators 4 month commitment / year - from home in your PJ's! Register teams, build schedules, organize playoffs, and keep captains informed. You can hold a preseason 'meeting' (party!) with team captains. If interested please contact You'll get lots of training and support, and our undying gratitude!

U20 Worlds Team Announced

Congratulations to all the DiscNW youth players selected to represent the USA at The World Flying Disc Federation (WFDF) World Junior Ultimate Championships August 19-25 outside Toronto in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

Abby Hecko – Seattle, Adam Jemal – Bellevue, Amy Nguyen – Seattle, Anna Dreher – Portland, Bailey Shigley – Seattle, Carly Campana – Seattle, Claire Trop – Seattle, Connor Ryan – Seattle, Hazel Ostrowski – Seattle, June Tabasan Rapisura – Seattle, Kodi Smart – Olympia, Peixian Rong – Seattle, Stephanie Phillips – Seattle, Tony Venneri – Seattle

Register now for the RIOT women's clinic

The 23rd annual Riot Women's Clinic is scheduled for Sunday, June 16th at Genesee Soccer fields, 1pm to 5 pm. All sessions are instructed by members of Seattle Riot.(nonbinary and genderqueer folks welcomed!)

There is a place for ALL LEVELS at this clinic! From brand new adults and youth to experienced players and everywhere in the middle! We will provide an incredible experience for all!

Various skill sessions include: throwing (various levels), breaking the mark, long throws, marking, downfield D, jumping/skying, laying out, agility/footwork, specialty throws, and more!

For more information please visit the RIOT Clinic Page.