Good Luck at Nationals!

Best wishes to the following teams competing at Masters/Grandmasters/Great Grandmasters Nationals in Aurora, CO.

Women's Masters
Seattle Mint

Women's Grandmasters

Mixed Masters
Old Parts and Pandas

Men's Masters
Voltron 2020

Men's Grandmasters

Men's Great Grandmasters
Old Growth

Follow along with results here.

U-24 National Teams Announced

Congratulations to all of the Seattle players who made U-24 National rosters!

U-24 Mixed National Team
Alissa Soo
Ari Lozano
Claire Revere
Henry Phan

U-24 Women's National Team
Abbie Abramovich
Claire Trop
Ella Hansen
Jaclyn Verzuh
Julianna Werffeli
Madeline Gilbert
Nora Landri

U-24 Men's National Team
Alex Olson

Thank you volunteer Potlatch teams!

Thank you to these amazing teams who helped before, during, and after (some to the bitter end) Potlatch 2017 to make it a success! We could not put on this event without your help. We are so grateful to know all of you. Also, thank you to the teams who volunteered to do some extra clean up even though they weren't tasked with it!

Gay Agenda
Bone, Yards & Harmony
Netflicks & Chill
Human Powered Submarine
Solo Bueno
Wet Hot Amerorcan Summer
Continental Airlines
Space Invaders
Jazz Picnic
Desert Lorax
Portraits of Richard
Pioneer Cut
Stargate: SG Meow
Step Up 2: The Sweets
The Magnificent Seven
Entropy Punch
Blackjack & Huckers

DiscNW Youth Alumni - College All-Region Awards

Congratulations to the following DiscNW youth alumni on their 2017 college season awards!

USA Ultimate All Region Teams

Atlantic Coast - All-Freshman Team - Kai Marcus – North Carolina
Atlantic Coast - All-Region 1st Team & Player of the Year - Tyler Monroe - George Washington*

New England - 1st Team - Jaclyn Verzuh – Dartmouth
New England - 1st Team - Mia Bladin - Harvard*
New England - 1st Team - Josie Gillett - Bates*
New England - 2nd Team - Julianna Werffeli – Dartmouth
New England - 2nd Team - Anna Iglitzin - Middlebury*
New England - All-Freshman Team - Ariel Nelson - Northeastern*
New England - DIII 1st Team, Player of the Year - Josie Gillett – Bates*

North Central - 1st Team - Claire Rostov – Carleton College

Northwest - 1st Team - Steven Benaloh – Washington
Northwest - 1st Team, Player of the Year - Khalif El-Salaam – Washington
Northwest - 2nd Team - Xander Cuizon Tice – Oregon
Northwest - 2nd Team - Dongyang Chen – Washington
Northwest - 2nd Team - Dennis Casio – Western Washington
Northwest - 2nd Team - Zhi Chen – Western Washington
Northwest - 1st Team - Ella Hansen – Oregon
Northwest - 1st Team, Player of the Year - Nina Finley – Whitman
Northwest - 1st Team - Margo Heffron – Whitman
Northwest - 1st Team - Alissa Soo – Whitman
Northwest - 2nd Team - Sophia Johansen – Washington
Northwest - 2nd Team - Livia Amorosi – Whitman
Northwest - 2nd Team - Claire Revere – Whitman
Northwest - 2nd Team - Linnea Soo – Whitman
Northwest - 2nd Team - Caleb Dinino-Childers - Lewis & Clark*
Northwest - Freshman of the Year - Lucas Chen – Washington
Northwest - All-Freshman Team - Derek Mourad – Washington
Northwest - DIII 1st Team - Ellie Engel – Puget Sound
Northwest - Coach of the Year - Alex Wells - Washington*

Ohio Valley - 1st Team - Tarik Akyuz - Case Western Reserve*
Ohio Valley - 2nd Team - Maya Gillett - Oberlin*

South Central - 2nd Team - Frances Gellert – Colorado College
South Central - All-Freshman Team & Freshman of the Year - Will MacDonald - Colorado State*
South Central - All-Freshman Team - Willa Sterling - Colorado College*

Southwest - 1st Team - Sam Cook - USC*
Southwest - 2nd Team - Anna Wysen - California*
Southwest - 2nd Team - Nolan Walsh - Stanford*
Southwest - 2nd Team - Jordan Lim - Claremont*
Southwest - All-Freshman Team - Samantha Wool - UC San Diego*
Southwest - All-Freshman Team & Freshman of the Year - Justin Ting - Cal Poly SLO*


UltiWorld College All-Americans

1st Team DI All-American - Khalif El-salaam - Washington
1st Team DI All-American - Alex Olson - Carleton
1st Team DI All-American - Jaclyn Verzuh - Dartmouth
1st Team DI All-American - Ella Hansen - Oregon
2nd Team DI All-American - Julianna Werffeli - Dartmouth

1st Team DIII All-American - Haley Olson - Carleton Eclipse
2nd Team DIII All-American - Grant Mitchell - Colorado College

DI Offensive Player of the Year Runner-up - Alex Olson - Carleton

DI Rookie of the Year - Kai Marcus - North Carolina

DIII Offensive Player of the Year Runner-up - Haley Olson - Carleton Eclipse


*Indicates people that we forgot to mention in our first post. We are so sorry for the oversight! Congratulations to all!

Introducing Mel Clark

After a rigorous and energizing search for DiscNW’s next leader, we are thrilled to announce Mel Clark as DiscNW’s new ED! Mel will be joining our team next week, bringing over 16 years of non-profit management and sports experience. She is excited to work with staff, volunteers, and board to continue executing our plan to strengthen our community.

We will be in touch soon with details about opportunities to meet and get to know Mel. In the meantime, she'll be working closely with Bunny through the end of June to transition responsibilities. Come say hi to Mel at Bunny's party!

A huge thank you to our community for your time and engagement throughout our ED search process. Read our full message here.