Farewell to our Director of Community Outreach & Development

It is with personal regret but the warmest wishes that I announce that Kate Speck will be leaving her employment at DiscNW at the end of this month. She will spend the next few months completing her master’s degree in Non-Profit Leadership and has some exciting plans to travel extensively this summer to celebrate her achievement.

During her time with us, she has been an advocate for all of you managing our customer service and communications, and a champion for our Youth Development fund, growing our annual Fall Bid Dinner auction from $42,000 to more than $100,000 dollars raised. We are indebted to her vision and commitment to the Ultimate Community.

I am pleased, however, to also be able to announce she is not leaving us completely. Kate plans to volunteer with DiscNW as a coordinator for the Winter Women’s league, a Spring Reign and Sunbreak TD, and a volunteer for Fall Bid, so we will all still benefit from her talents and enthusiasm. Be sure to wish her well when you see her out on the field at these and other events.

Thanks Kate, for all you have done for DiscNW!

Mel Clark

Executive Director

Applications Are Now Being Accepted For Summer Camp Coaching Positions

This is hourly employment. Coaches will need to track their work hours. Typical work days will be 8:30-4. Hourly pay rate will be DOE and determined by role applicants are hired for.

Coaches will be expected to participate in personal coach development throughout each week. This will include pre and post camp meetings, goal setting and tracking, check-ins with the Coach Development director, and more. Coaches will also be expected at a training day prior to the beginning of camp.

Submit your registration here.

Seattle Women Inducted into USAU Hall of Fame!

Congratulations to Seattle's latest members of the USA Ultimate Hall Of Fame, Mary Lowry and Pam Kraus! As players, coaches and leaders, Pam and Mary exemplify the spirit and soul of Seattle ultimate.

Mary has been the driving force behind the organization of youth ultimate​ ​in Seattle​ ​for over 30 years. As a founder of the first youth leagues in the area, one of the organizers behind Spring Reign,​ ​and the coach of the first-ever World's high school girls team for the UPA, Mary has lead the way for the growth of the sport at every level. She is also an accomplished player, winning World Championships in both ultimate and freestyle. It's safe to say that Seattle's ultimate scene would not be where it is without her influence.

Pam boasts an equally impressive list of accomplishments and her commitment to the growth of DiscNW has been inspiring for many. A three-time world champion as a player, Pam has also coached at every level of youth ultimate and served for many years on the DiscNW board. After starting the local masters women's team, Mint, she returned a few years later to coach them to nationals!

DiscNW appreciates all that Mary and Pam have done and continue to do for the sport here the Northwest. If you see them on the field make sure to thank them for their tireless commitment to ultimate and SOTG!​


Become an Observer!

Observer Clinic March 24/25

DiscNW will be hosting an USAU Observer Certification Clinic in conjunction with our local elite college tournament, NW Challenge. There is a great need for observers in the NW area and we are looking for anyone over the age of 18 who is interested in becoming certified. Certification is $25, and the benefits of being an observer include deeper understanding of the rules, travel and lodging accommodations at most tournaments, and the gratitude of all the players you'll help. Questions can be sent directly to rusty.brown@discnw.org. Sign ups are open now: REGISTER.