DiscNW Seeks Board Members

DiscNW, the Pacific Northwest’s premier Ultimate organization, seeks new members for its Board of Directors. DiscNW acts as a regional resource, promoting growth in the sport of Ultimate and instilling the spirit of sportsmanship at all levels of play. The organization annually serves more than 6,000 youth and adult players in dozens of leagues, tournaments, camps, and clinics around the Puget Sound.

Joining the Board is an opportunity to be a part of a growing, non-profit organization. Individuals with new ideas and an interest in helping shape the future of Ultimate in the region are encouraged to apply.

For more information please read the FAQ and the job description.


Congrats, DiscNW Seattle Youth Alumni!

As compiled by Frank Nam, here are the 30 DiscNW Seattle Youth Alumni who won a USA Ultimate All-Region Award this college season!

  • Jaclyn Verzuh - [Dartmouth] - FoTY - New England 2nd Team - All Freshmen Team
  • Josie Gillett - [Bates] - New England All-Freshmen Team
  • Jesse Bolton - [Carleton College] - North Central 1st Team
  • Justin Lim - [Carleton College] - North Central 1st Team
  • Steven Benaloh [Washington] - Northwest 1st Team
  • Khalif El-Salaam - [Washington] PoTY - Northwest 1st Team
  • Cooper Schumacher - [Washington]- Northwest 2nd Team
  • Sarah Edwards - [Washington] - Northwest 2nd Team
  • Arianne Lozano - [Whitman] - Northwest 2nd Team
  • Claire Revere - [Whitman] - Northwest 2nd Team
  • Jack Baba - [Tulane] - Southeast 2nd Team
  • Xander Cuizon Tice - [Oregon] - Northwest All-Freshmen Team
  • Robbie Farwell - [Whitman] - Northwest All-Freshmen Team, DIII 1st Team
  • Sophie Johansen - [Washington] - Northwest All-Freshmen Team
  • Samiya Ismail - [Western Washington] - FoTY - Northwest All-Freshmen Team
  • Livia Amorosi - [Whitman] - Northwest All-Freshmen Team
  • Frances Gellert - [Colorado College] - FoTY - South Central All-Freshmen Team
  • Nick Hirning - [Stanford] - FoTY - Southwest All-Freshmen Team
  • Hallie Dunham - [Stanford] - Southwest All-Freshmen Team
  • Rachel Thomson - [Stanford] - Southwest All-Freshmen Team
  • Rose Soiffer-Kosins - [Claremont] - Southwest All-Freshmen Team
  • Jessica Crowley [Hamilton] - Metro East DIII 2nd Team
  • Max Zaslove - [Brandeis] - New England DIII 2nd Team
  • Lani Nguyen - [Seattle] - Northwest DIII 1st Team
  • Tarik Akyuz [Case Western Reserve] - Ohio Valley 2nd Team
  • Anthony Dario - [Case Western Reserve] - Ohio Valley 2nd Team
  • Mike Bartell - [Emory] - Southeast - All-Freshmen Team
  • Maya Crocker Gillett - [Oberlin] - Ohio Valley DIII 2nd Team
  • Grant Mitchell - [Colorado College] - South Central DIII 1st Team
  • Sam Warren - [Claremont] - Southwest DIII 2nd Team
  • Jacob Bronstein - [Claremont] - Southwest DIII 2nd Team

Support Seattle Youth Club Teams

This summer, DiscNW will send five youth club teams to compete in the USA Ultimate Youth Club Championships in Blaine, MN. We need your support to help these young players make the trip to represent the Seattle youth ultimate community throuth the YCC Scholarship Fund.

The DiscNW YCC Teams will host Solstice Kids Hat a kids hat tournament on Magnuson 4 (Sports Meadow) on June 18th, to raise funds for summer travel and scholarships. All proceeds from the tournament will go to benefit the 5 YCC teams traveling to Blaine, MN in August this summer.

Come join us for a half day 5 on 5 hat tournament geared towards ES and MS players. Each division gets their own half day of play with 3 games, YCC players as Coaches/Mentors, and a fun filled atmosphere. Sign up here for the Solstice Kids Hat Tournament.

Individual donations can be made to support the teams. Learn more about the teams and players via our GoFundMe pages:


Beach Ultimate

Sea Plastic, Washington State's only beach tournament, makes an epic return for its 5th annual year. This a fun, highly spirited, intimate, and competitive beach ultimate event. Come out and play for the Orca Cup!

The event will take place July 23rd & 24th in Ocean Shores, WA


Summer Youth Leagues

DiscNW is offering two summer youth leagues for players in grades 6-12. Both leagues run from June 20 - August 1.

The Youth Hat League will focus on fun and fundamentals. This is a great opportunity for newer players looking to develop their skills and get more field time.

The league will take place on Monday evenings from 6:30-8:30pm, mostly at Maplewood Playfield. Each Monday teams will have a specific skill-buidling coaching session follow by a game. There will be no games on July 4th.

The Youth Performance League is for those looking for a club team experience with more experienced players and an emphasis on the development of elite or near-elite level play. Teams will have weekly weeknight practices with a clinic-like atmosphere near their neighborhoods with a curriculum created in cooperation with our YCC coaching staff.

USA Ultimate membership will be required for all participants in the Performance League.